Ballarat Workshop – Ageing Workforce – 5th June

The Australian workforce is ageing, creating new challenges for organisations.

The result is that the Australian workforce is greatly transforming with mature workers now retiring later and considering career changes. In addition, younger workers have greatly different attitudes towards their careers and their expectations of work than previous generations.

This complex and changing dynamic presents significant challenges for employers to manage health and safety, while also meeting operational requirements and maintaining a positive workplace culture.

Workshop Objectives & Key Outcomes

P2 Group has developed our Human Maintenance Schedule methodology that aligns the performance of people with the demands of the role, and ensures that organisations are ready to manage the challenges and opportunities that are presented by an aging workforce.

The Managing an Ageing Workforce Workshop provides an overview of this approach and aims to up-skill executives, managers, and supervisors in managing the workplace health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Taking an interactive approach, P2 Group focus on a range of practical case studies, skills building activities, and the provision of effective workplace tools to ensure that organisations are equipped to best address the diverse health and wellbeing needs of workers.

Over the course of workshop P2 Group will up-skill managers in:

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Location: Mecure Ballarat

Time: 9am to 12:30pm