Changes to Occupational Rehabilitation Services

WorkSafe Victoria has adjusted the way occupational rehabilitation services are utilised within the WorkCover scheme. Injured workers, who have been receiving occupational rehabilitation support through the WorkCover scheme, may soon be advised this service is no longer available to them because of a new time limit placed on such services, the progress achieved and the ongoing success of the services. In addition, all future requests for occupational rehabilitation services will be commenced with a detailed assessment which clearly outlines interventions and return to work outcomes.

What does this mean for you? You may be left with a gap in your support for an injured worker who has not returned to full pre-injury hours and full duties within 12 weeks, if you are utilising occupational rehabilitation services within the WorkCover scheme.

These changes do not effect P2 Group services. Our Occupational Therapists are available to assist your injured workers and your organisation to effectively prevent and resolve WorkCover claims anywhere and anytime, as agreed with you, the employer.

WorkSafe’s changes highlight the need for employers to be more proactive with the support they are providing injured workers. For 15 years P2 Group has supported employers to do exactly that – be proactive and provide the care and support to their workforce and not solely rely on the WorkCover scheme to provide support.

If you have any concerns or require any assistance please let us know so we can assist you, your workers and your WorkCover Agent to determine the best pathway forward to proactively support a safe and sustainable return to work.