Workshop – Safe to Drive – 24th Nov

With the nature of the Australian workforce changing and organisations becoming more mobile, there are a growing number of Australian’s who are required to drive as part of their work role. While the general risks associated with driving are well documented, the additional responsibilities required of workplaces to keep their mobile workforce safe and the processes underpinning this are still being explored. Given the autonomous, flexible and decentralised nature of this workforce, many challenges are present in monitoring, managing and understanding workers capacity to safely drive through the course of their work.

All organisations have legal obligations to monitor the health of workers and implement strategies to support workers when they know or ought reasonably to have known of the workers’ physical and psychological conditions.

To this end, over the course of 2 hours, P2 Group takes you through a new approach to monitoring, assessing and supporting your mobile workforce and their safety and capabilities on the road, including:

This event will be held at the P2 Group office, 6b Roche St Hawthorn on the 24th November at 8:30am. Places are limited so please register below

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