Ballarat Workshop – 29th March – Injury Management/Inherent Requirements

P2 is pleased to announce that we will be running our popular Injury Management/Inherent Requirements workshop on the 29th March in Ballarat. This free event will be held at the Mecure Ballarat between 9am and 12pm. This workshop is suited for all HR, RTW and OH&S staff and will provide education on advanced injury management strategies and Inherent Requirements. Here is some info;

Running a uniform, effective and meaningful injury management process can be a challenge for businesses. Injured workers present a range of complexities from an operational, cultural, financial and productivity perspective. P2 Group assists all levels of management to understand their role and responsibilities with regard to assisting their injured workers. Importantly, P2 Group aims to up-skill HR professionals in;

Documenting and understanding the Inherent Requirements of the Job for key roles within an organisation places employers in a unique position to take control over many costly aspects of their workforce. By effectively and systematically identifying and understanding the demands of a role, organisations are empowered to:

This session will focus on a proactive and uniform approach to injury management with the overall aim of enhancing workplace culture and attitudes towards health and well-being.

Breakfast and light refreshments will be served during the event.


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