WorkShop – Occupational Violence

Occupational violence is a growing concern within workplaces; within the healthcare industry 25.5% of clinicians report to have been victimised either physically or verbally by patients and visitors (Jenkins Fisher & Hartley). Research indicates that poorly managed instances of occupational violence are of great detriment to employees and the workplace as a whole. Occupational violence has been demonstrated to negatively impact upon employees stress, the provision of safe and competent work performance, job satisfaction and employee and skills retention (Gates, Gillespie & Succop).

As such, it is imperative that high risk industries actively look to address occupational violence in an open and predictive manner to best support their workforce and ensure that they are meeting their Occupational Health and Safety obligation to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to health (Occupational health & Safety Act).

P2 Group develop and facilitate boutique Occupational Violence Workshop to upskill staff in addressing occupational violence issues in the workplace through practical case studies, activities and tools. The 2 to 3 hour workshops are delivered onsite and aim to enhance workplace supports and resilience in dealing with occupational violence by covering the following:

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