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Workshop – Assessments of Capacity – 23rd May 2017

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Work is a great vehicle to recovery and an essential element of our identities and self value.

Engaging in regular and meaningful work based routine is paramount for overall health and wellbeing. As such employers who act proactively to monitor and address the health of their workers through early intervention strategies, enhance workplace morale and productivity thereby making them employers of choice.

Employers have legal obligations to monitor the health of their workers and implement strategies to support their workers when they know or ought reasonably to have known of the workers’ physical and psychological conditions.

P2 Group take you through the process of obtaining and effectively using Assessments of Capacity within your workforce to:

  • Facilitate a workers functional recovery from injury
  • Prevent further injuries or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions within the workplace
  • Effectively manage WorkCover claims
  • Determine a workers ability to perform the inherent requirements of their job

This session will be held at the P2 Group Office at 6b Roche St, Hawthorn 3122. Places are limited so please register below. 


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