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Brad Willoughby
Director, Residential Services

Since engaging the P2 Group we have resolved our Work Cover difficulties and have seen an approximate 50% saving on our Work Cover Premium.

As a small family run organisation, we had very little experience managing the WorkCover process.

Prior to engaging with the P2 Group, and on the odd occasion where staff sustained an injury we were able to manage their recovery and Return to Work by providing time off, medical services (usually a couple of visits to the physiotherapist), common sense and goodwill. We adjusted shifts and duties for a mutually agreeable time to allow the employee a ‘soft entry’ back into the work force.

Unfortunately two employees suffered workplace injuries in quick succession. The employees involved manipulated the system and our usual process of common sense and goodwill was exploited which left us with two very difficult, very expensive, long term Work Cover cases to manage.

We were battling against uncooperative employees and Allied Health professionals who, at best, were being unwittingly manipulated by the injured workers. The employees were reluctant to engage with their employer or the Return to Work process and their deliberate exploitation of the system frustrated our attempts of rehabilitation and them returning to the workforce.

We were introduced the P2 Group at a LASA function and it was immediately obvious that they had working knowledge of the challenges facing the Aged Care Sector and that they understood the financial and work force implications of long term Work Cover management.

We found the P2 Group to be fully supportive of our organisational objectives which was reflected in their structured and practical approach to a achieving the best possible outcome for both the Employer and the Employee.

With the P2 Groups assistance, we have been able to turn the negative of Workplace injury into positive post injury experiences for both the injured worker returning to work and their work mates.

I have no hesitation in recommending the P2 Group as we will continue engage and work with them to implement preventative strategies and to develop and assist Return to Work Programs in the future.

Brad Willoughby
Park Lane Croydon Aged Care (Norsan)