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Anne BastianAnne Bastian

– General Manager, Human Resources

How long have you been working with P2 Group?

Approximately 6 years – but 8 years with Paul Marsh.

Why did you engage the services of P2 Group?

Paul Marsh was our original ergonomic partner. When he moved over to P2 Group we followed his expertise as well as the knowledge that he had acquired of our business.

P2 Group prides itself on its ability to listen to its clients regarding their business needs and business aims and its commitment to then work closely with clients to meet and achieve them. Tell us about the P2 Group approach from your perspective.

The P2 Group from the very beginning has been a partner to Liberty Financial. They have initiated many conferences to help explain the WorkCover situation and how our premium is impacted. They have also actively listened to the issues we have dealt with and then taken a lead role in initiating relationships with our WorkCover insurer to help us resolve claims for better results. We could not have achieved the outcomes and the proactive injury management process that we currently use without their guidance and expertise. The whole team has been very involved in our business in the prevention and resolution of issues. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional in their approach and work with us to ensure the best business outcomes possible.

Was the implementation of the P2 Group injury and prevention management processes straightforward?

Having P2 Group so closely aligned to our business OH&S needs has been fantastic. They have assisted with the up skilling/education of our HR team as well as providing strong and sensible advice around these issues. In terms of implementing these preventative processes, we feel completely prepared and organised to handle any injury issue – thanks to the P2 group and the support and guidance (as well as documentation) they have given us.

By working with P2 Group how has your understanding of the Workers’ Compensation system improved?

Paul and Jim have been critical in the education process of myself and the HR team. Providing regular reporting to us showing the improvements obtained in our WorkCover premium. The P2 Group was also a leading role in the consolidation of our WorkCover insurer situation on a national basis. They have operated as our agent when liaising with our WorkCover agents in the resolution or management of WorkCover issues. They have taken the time to explain to us the system and how best to proactively handle situations so as to avoid any unnecessary costs. Their involvement has saved us many hundreds of dollars.

What cultural changes have you noticed in your line managers and employees in relation to the subject of injury and prevention management at your organisation?

We have always been diligent with our practices around injury and prevention management. However, we were a little lost with the return to work plans and overall care plans. We are now fully equipped and we have complete buy-in and support from our line managers. It has also helped to show them the reporting that P2 provide us so that they can see how these practices make a difference to the bottom line.

Do you have any final words that sum up how you feel about P2 Group, its team and its services?

P2 are an excellent team of people who are all working towards the customer’s best interests and outcomes. The team listens to our needs and takes action swiftly and effectively. They are the industry’s best (by far) and really pride themselves on knowing their customers businesses. I recommend the P2 Group to any company who wants to improve their WorkCover outcomes as well as proactively manage injury in their workplace.