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Learn how the WorkCover system works and how you can take control.

Our workshops will help you and your staff to

  • understand employer and worker obligations.
  • Implement Industry best injury management strategies.
  • How the legislation helps you take control and enhance your staff’s wellbeing.
Executive and Managers Workshops

We conduct workshops for executives, HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators to ensure all levels of your organisation are working in harmony to achieve common WorkCover goals.

We step through our advanced uniform process and explain the benefits of following the same proven process each and every time there is a WorkCover or non-WorkCover case. This helps to keep everyone on the same path and reduces the need to react to factors that may not be in the best interest of the workers or the organisation.

A uniform process is independent of legislation and allows the same steps to be actioned across all your locations, anywhere in Australia. Executives, human resource managers, return to work coordinators and line managers all support the same process and everyone is aware of their obligations and has the tools necessary to support their workers and take action from day 1!

Workshops are typically conducted at your premises to limit the time your people are away from their work. We recommend 60-90 minutes for the workshops. Topics generally covered are:

  • how the WorkCover scheme works
  • how to reduce your WorkCover premium
  • employers’ obligations
  • workers’ obligations
  • providing sustainable and effective return to work
  • role of your line managers
  • identifying early warning signs
  • how early intervention improves staff welfare.
Early Intervention Workshops

We provide early intervention workshops with line managers to explain the importance of identifying early warning signs and the importance of their roles and responsibilities with regard to supporting the health of their workers.

The interactive workshops assist in identifying:

  • early warning signs
  • types of conditions they should be looking for
  • what action to take
  • what to say and what to not say.
Manual Handling Workshops

Australian WorkCover statistics show that one third of all occupational injuries at work happen during manual handling.

Research has shown that a systematic approach which aims to assess the whole range of possible causes of injury during manual handling is the most successful way of reducing hazards in the workplace.

P2 Group can conduct training with workers on inappropriate manual handling and back care which can assist in reducing these risks.

Implementing a manual handling training programe will assist in:

  • minimising WorkCover claims and associated costs
  • maintaining a healthy and fit workforce.
Mental Health / Stress Management Workshops

We provide mental health / stress management workshops, to assist in:

  • identifying and developing effective coping strategies to maintain good health
  • facilitate a cognitive behavioural approach to safety of self and others
  • share useful tools to prevent and overcome stress and anxiety.

These workshops assist organisations to meet their duty of care under the occupational health and safety act. The fundamental methodology behind these workshops is consultation with workers. If required, one-on-one sessions for staff are conducted and implemented as part of a health management program.