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Self Managed Health Program

Self Managed Health

Developing skills and strategies for self awareness and coping.

Designed to enhance a workers ability to manage the social, cognitive and organisational requirements of their workplace.

Over the course of approximately eight weeks and three appointments, a Self Managed Health Program provides workers with the knowledge and strategies to manage, monitor and maintain their own mental health needs by developing skills with a focus on strengths and capacity.

A cognitive behavioural approach is utilised to encourage workers to take responsibility for their own mental health needs by; identifying and developing coping strategies, supports and resources; and placing an emphasis on goal setting and regular self-evaluation.


Self Managed Health Programs can be employed as an early intervention measure to address a workers overall mental health and well being or a targeted intervention for workers experiencing specific concerns regarding their mental health and coping abilities.


Self Managed Health Programs are a valuable tool for promoting recovery and healthy coping mechanisms by enhancing a workers ability to manage the social, cognitive and organisational requirements of their workplace.


A Self Managed Health Program may be recommended from an Initial Needs Assessment or Functional Capacity Evaluation if there has been an identified concern relating to mental health. An employer may also refer to P2 Group for a Self Managed Health Program for one of their workers.

A P2 Occupational Therapist will conduct a one on one initial assessment with a worker, at the nominated workplace, to identify the goals and outcomes required for the program.

The P2 Occupational Therapist will design the program based on the workers individual capabilities and identified resources. Throughout the sessions, the P2 Occupational Therapist will coach the worker to reach their wellbeing goals, reducing the reliance on external providers and building a process of self management.

The worker will be provided with tools and strategies which will be adapted with each review appointment over the set program period. The facilitator will provide updates and progress information to the employer regularly.