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Self Managed Excercise Programs

Self Managed Excercise

Activity based health maintenance strategy.

Designed to promote recovery and reduce reliance upon ongoing active treatment for improved health and well being.

Over the course of eight weeks and four appointments, a Self Managed Exercise Program provides workers with the knowledge and strategies to manage, monitor and maintain their own health needs by focusing on a their strengths and capacity.

A coaching methodology is utilised to encourage workers to take responsibility for their own health needs by; improving physical fitness and functional capacity; addressing maladaptive postures and activities; and utilising adaptive and compensatory strategies.


Self managed Exercise Programs can be employed as an early intervention measure to address a workers overall health and wellbeing or a targeted intervention for workers experiencing specific health and fitness concerns.


Self Managed Exercise Programs are a valuable tool for promoting recovery and healthy lifestyle while reducing reliance upon ongoing active treatment by encouraging workers to take responsibility for their own health needs.

They empower workplaces to promote good practices for overall health and wellbeing reducing the instances of work related and non-work related injuries and conditions.


P2 Group will arrange a suitably qualified health professional e.g. Exercise Physiologist/Physiotherapist, to conduct a one on one initial screening assessment at the nominated workplace, to focus on the goals and outcomes required for the program.

The facilitator will answer all questions regarding the program and coach the worker to reach their exercise/lifestyle goals, reducing the reliance on external providers and building a process of self management.

The worker will be given a graduated exercise/lifestyle program with three review appointments over the eight week period. The facilitator will provide updates and progress information to the employer regularly.