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Pre-employment Assesments

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Ensure the right candidate.

A pre-employment assessment identifies a perspective employees ability to meet the inherent requirements of a specific role, allowing employees to make confident and informed decisions about the people they hire.


Ideally an assessment should be conducted before hiring any new employee, especially if there are concerns about that person’s ability to fulfil the inherent requirements of the role.

Pre-employment assessments are not discriminatory if an employer seeks to test an applicant’s ability to carry out the reasonable and genuine requirements of the employment. For this reason an employer should ensure that position descriptions are up to date and the Inherent Requirements (functional and cognitive) are documented for each role.


Pre-employment assessments serve a major role as a risk management tool. They help ensure potential employees are capable of safely undertaking a specific job, creating a safer work environment, thus minimising legal and OH&S risks, and support employers to carry out their duty of care.

If an applicant is successful, this documentation can be used as a baseline to measure any changes in their capacity. In the event of an injury, the history of assessments can be used to measure how well the employee is recovering and if they are able to meet the demands of their pre-injury duties.


Pre-employment assessments consist of a range of physical and psychological evaluations, both standardised (measurable) and subjective (worker reported ability), all of which are conducted by a P2 Group Occupational Therapist.

Pre-employments can be conducted either at the workplace or at P2 Group offices, Hawthorn. Our Occupational Therapists provide all required equipment and meet one-on-one with the worker in a private room.

Following the pre-employment assessment, a P2 Occupational Therapist will develop a report clearly outlining the workers capacity to meet the inherent requirements of the job applied for and will include results of standardised tests.

Comment will be made on the workers current functional capacity, including past or current significant injuries that may affect work ability.