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Ergonomic / Workstation Assesments

Ergonomic Workstation

Optimise the workspace.

It is important to ascertain how an employee interacts within their workspace, ensuring it is comfortable, practical and productive.

During an Ergonomic Workstation Assessment (EWA) specific functional problem areas within a workstation are identified, adjustments and strategies to optimise the ergonomics of an area are developed and necessary equipment is prescribed.


An Ergonomic Worstation Assesment may be used to assist in

  • Facilitating a person’s functional recovery from an injury,
  • Preventing further injury or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions.
  • Determining their ability to perform the Inherent Requirements of their Job.

The misuse of computers, tools and furniture can potentially result in musculoskeletal disorders, eye strain and other issues for employees.

Employee’s who are comfortable and ergonomically supported within their workstation are more productive and less likely to experience absenteeism or presenteeism.


A P2 Occupational Therapist/Ergonomist will conduct an ergonomic assessment by meeting with the employee (at their workstation) to get an understanding of their concerns, medical intervention to date, employment history and an understanding of the demands of their role.

All considerations are discussed with the employee and are summarised into an individually tailored report.

Employees will be given education on the implementation of the recommended equipment and other self managed supports & behavioural changes to help minimise any discomfort at work.