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Worksite Assessments

Worksite Assesment_Med

Determine if work demands coincide with workers’ capacity for work.

A specialised on-site assessment of workers’ pre-injury duties and/or potential suitable duties. Designed to identify the critical demands of the work tasks, including physical, psychological and cognitive demands.


Worksite assessments are used to assist in:

  • facilitating workers’ return to work
  • preventing further injuries or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions
  • conjunction with progress reviews to identify adjustments.

Employers can directly engage P2 Occupational Therapists to conduct worksite assessments with their workers for WorkCover and non-WorkCover matters.


Employers have legal obligations to monitor the health of their workers and implement strategies to support their workers when they know or ought reasonably to have known that workers can no longer meet the inherent requirements of their jobs.


Worksite assessments involve a P2 Occupational Therapist observing and analysing key workplace tasks and duties that may be suitable for a worker to complete as an aspect of their work based recovery.

During a worksite assessments a P2 Occupational Therapist will undertake an informal interview with key managers to

  • best understand the demands of the tasks being analysed
  • observe and photograph the identified tasks
  • if possible, observe and assist an injured worker to perform the tasks in a safe and meaningful manner.

Following a worksite assessment a P2 Occupational Therapists will develop a report

  • clearly outlining the key elements and demands of the identified duties,
  • comment upon the compatibility of a workers functional capacity with these duties
  • provide clear recommendations and potential worksite modifications for assisting a worker to complete these tasks.

The results of a worksite assessment may also be included to strengthen a comprehensive, supportive and strategic return to work or care plan.