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Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Define abilities to safely undertake duties.

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a holistic physical and psychological assessment, administered by occupational therapists, to assess workers’s abilities to safely undertake duties at their workplace and identify necessary supports.


Functional capacity evaluations are used to assist in:

  • facilitating workers’ functional recovery from injury
  • preventing further injuries or exacerbation of pre-existing conditions
  • determining their abilities to perform the inherent requirements of their jobs.

Work is a great vehicle to recovery.

Engaging in regular and meaningful work based routine is paramount for recovery and overall good mental health. As such employers who act proactively to monitor and address the health of their workers through early intervention strategies, enhance workplace morale and productivity thereby making them employers of choice.

Employers have legal obligations to monitor the health of their workers and implement strategies to support their workers when they know or ought reasonably to have known of the workers’ physical and mental health conditions.

Employers can directly engage P2 Occupational Therapists to conduct functional capacity evaluations for workers with WorkCover and non-WorkCover conditions.

Workers who have an incapacity for work must, when requested to do so by their employer, actively participate in assessments of their capacity for work.


Functional capacity evaluations comprise of a range of physical and psychological tests, both standardised (measurable) and subjective (worker reported ability), all of which are conducted by P2 Occupational Therapists.

To emphasise the importance of an active work based recovery and to minimise any disruption to productivity, functional capacity evaluations are conducted at the workers’ normal workplace. Our occupational therapists bring the required equipment to your workplace and meet one-on-one with the worker in a private room.

Following a functional capacity evaluation P2 Occupational Therapists will develop a report

  • clearly outlining a workers performance during the assessment,
  • commenting upon a worker’s overall functional capacity (from a physical and psychological perspective)
  • providing clear recommendations and restrictions for assisting a worker in the workplace.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation report may also be accompanied by a comprehensive, supportive and strategic return to work plan or care plan.