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Lucy McCarthy

Lucy is an Occupational Therapist with the P2 Group.

Lucy has gained industry experience in the public and private sector within aged care, education, manufacturing, construction  & health care.

Lucy has gained knowledge in supporting employees with both physical and mental health injuries. Lucy can deliver advice and assist employers with their workplace injury management process through providing a range of services, with a particular focus on early intervention and educating managers regarding health promotion for both acute and chronic health conditions.

Lucy is dedicated to the P2 Group vision of educating and empowering employers to better understand, become involved and take control of the Occupational Health of their workforce.

Lucy has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours from Monash University.

Lucy can be contacted directly should you have any queries:

T. 03 9818 8914
E. lucy.mccarthy@p2group.com.au
F. 03 9818 8916
A. PO BOX 5301, Burnley VIC 3121 Australia