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Justine Beaumont

Justine Beaumont_2015Justine is a General Manager with P2 Group

With more than 25 years business experience, Justine is focused on educating and empowering employers to better understand and take control of WorkCover and injury management strategies.

Justine’s commercial management experience combined with WorkCover costs analysis experience ensures employers financial outcomes are achieved.

Justine has worked with EDG Entertainment, Gersh Investment Partners, Fintona Girls School, Bishop Thomas Grant School (UK) and Human Applications (UK).

Justine is responsible for managing customer relationships, customer requirements and a team of Occupational Therapists that deliver our services.

Justine has a Bachelor of Science.

Justine can be contacted directly should you have any queries:

T. 03 9818 8914
E. justine.beaumont@p2group.com.au
F. 03 9818 8916
A. PO BOX 5301, Burnley VIC 3121 Australia