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P2 Staff at Run Melbourne 2015

July 30, 2015
Well done to Justine Beaumont and Paul Marsh who were both involved in Run Melbourne on Sunday July 26th. Justine and her family  ran as a part of Team Servants who are residents and supporters of Servants Commission Housing. They do great work not only providing shelter to many, but also a place that gives respect, dignity and hope to all those that call Servants their home. They individually raised over $440 and a grand total of $28,000 was raised by Team Servants overall. Gabriel Kennedy (5km)  in 35.33 Mark Kennedy  (5km) in 35.34 Justine Beaumont (5km) in 37.27 Robyn Kennedy (5km) in 38.57 Special mention goes out to Justine’s Mother in law Robyn Kennedy, who at the spritely age of 72 took the inner city course in her stride Paul ran to help pace a good friend to a lazy 1 hour 41 minutes in the half marathon. Congratulations to all those who competed.                

P2 Group nominated for LASA Victoria Corporate Partner Award in the 2015 LASA Awards For Excellence

June 24, 2015
We are delighted to announce that as testament to our relationship with Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) we have nominated for the 2015 Corporate Partner Award for recognition of ongoing support and innovation to enhance the services provided to aged care facilities. Two of our clients have kindly provided letters of support for our nomination. Don Tidbury – CEO at Macedon Ranges Health (Ex Northeast Health Wangaratta) Brad Willoughby – Director Residential Services, Park Lane Croydon Aged Care / Norsan Pty Ltd We would like to thank Don, Brad and their respective organisations for their kind words and continued support. The awards will be announced and presented  Thursday 30th July 2015.    

WorkCover requires strategic management and support from every level of your organisation

June 5, 2015
WorkCover requires strategic management and support from every level of your organisation. We work with great business leaders, HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators who have taken control of their WorkCover. They do this a number of ways – sometimes it’s through commercial returns, sometimes through enhanced staff welfare and sometimes by cutting through WorkCover’s red tape. We are unique in Australia for the following reasons: Unique Methodology Through our methodology, we can provide occupational health services DIRECTLY to YOU to meet YOUR outcomes, instead of traditional services through your insurer that increase your insurance costs and may not have your outcomes in mind. Many occupational rehabilitation providers cannot achieve this because they work within the WorkCover scheme and must meet the outcomes of the WorkCover authorities and insurance agents. This limits how much effort they can devote to each worker and how flexible they can be in meeting the outcomes of all parties. Early Intervention We educate line managers to identify early warning signs and support their workers before there is an injury. Through our proven early intervention process you can provide the right supports to your workers early, which improves their health and most times negates the need for complex WorkCover claims. Set an 80% key performance indicator for your early intervention cases to not become WorkCover claims. The WorkCover authorities and insurance agents typically refer to the first 13 weeks (post a WorkCover claim being lodged) as early intervention. This is too slow for employers. You can move faster through our proven early intervention process to improve your workers’ health, minimise the number of WorkCover claims and reduce your claims costs. Fast Moving We can support your needs with both WorkCover and non-WorkCover matters fast. Our occupational therapists can assess your workers’ capacity for work with only 48 hours notice and deliver the findings to you within 4 working days post the assessments. The process is fast, easy and inexpensive. There is no need to wait for approval from WorkCover authorities and insurance agents. Focus on the workers’ health and needs and move fast to offer support. If WorkCover claims are lodged and you have moved fast, the WorkCover claims can be resolved within 1-2 weeks in most cases and registered as “minor” claims, which do not impact your WorkCover Premiums. Workers are offered “stay at work” plans which  keeps them engaged with their team mates and reduces lost time injuries. Fee Structure Unlike traditional occupational rehabilitation providers, our fees are not recovered through your WorkCover insurance policy, which results in greater savings to you. Normal occupational rehabilitation services organised through your WorkCover insurer typically costs you 3-10 times the cost of the service. Such services typically increase your claims costs over 3 years and in turn increase your WorkCover premium costs. Alternatively, you can engage P2 Group occupational therapists to provide these services, maintain greater control and the costs do NOT increase your claims costs or premium. Our fee for service payment model allows you to select the services and products that you require. Your investment in P2 Group typically results in a significant return on your investment through reduced WorkCover premiums. Comprehensive List

A Proactive Approach to Health and Wellbeing at Work.

June 5, 2015
We are a dedicated team of occupational therapists who help employers align the performance of people with their organisational demands and provide injured workers with sustainable pathways back to work. Through our unique methodology , we can provide occupational health services DIRECTLY to YOU to meet YOUR outcomes, instead of traditional services through your insurer that increase your insurance costs and may not have your outcomes in mind. When appropriate measures are implemented and through a proactive approach to health and wellbeing at work many injuries, musculoskeletal disorders or mental health conditions that affect people both at work and in their personal lives can be prevented. WHAT IS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY? Occupational therapy is a client-centred health profession concerned with promoting health and well being through occupation. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. Occupational therapists achieve this outcome by working with people and employers to enhance their ability to engage in the occupations they want to, need to, or are expected to, or by modifying the occupation or the environment to better support their occupational engagement. WHAT IS AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST? Occupational therapists have a broad education in the medical, social behavioural, psychological, psychosocial and occupational sciences which equips them with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to work collaboratively with people, individually or in groups or communities. Occupational therapists believe that participation can be supported or restricted by the: physical, effective or cognitive abilities of the individual characteristics of the occupation physical, social, cultural, attitudinal and legislative environments. Occupational therapists are required to undertake a minimum of four years tertiary education and will hold either a bachelor or masters degree in occupational therapy; all practicing occupational therapists are registered health practitioners with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. THE P2 GROUP FOCUS To encourage a positive and sustainable return to the workplace, the P2 Group’s focus is on enabling individuals to modify aspects of: their person the occupation the environment or some combination of these to enhance their occupational participation. We will work with both the worker and the workplace to make recommendations that enhance their independence and recovery by using specialised assessments to: identify a worker’s functional capacity to return to work identify the inherent requirements of various jobs modify the work environment to suit the needs of workers so as to prevent or minimise the impact of health conditions or injuries customise and coordinating graded return to work programs that match a worker’s functional capacity educating workers and employers in safe work practices supporting employers to achieve sustainable return to work plans, with an emphasis on encouraging self management by workers.

Ageing Workforce Management

June 5, 2015
Be pro active. Address and manage the needs of an ageing workforce through our Work Life Continuance methodology. The P2 Group Work Life Continuance methodology enables you to align the Performance of People with their organisational demands. The methodology includes consultation with people, proactive identification of people at-risk of injury and development of care plans to support the employee’s needs. This is achieved via up skilling or managers and regular assessment of capacity which allow for pro-active monitoring of the workforce. WHEN The overall Australian workforce is ageing, creating new challenges for organisations in managing the health, organisational expectations and productivity of their mature aged workers. Currently the baby boomer generation comprise 41.8 percent of the total Australian workforce; they are between 50 and 68 years of age and can reasonably be expected to be contributing to the workforce for an additional 20 years. WHERE A Work Life Continuance methodology must be grounded in the workplace to emphasise the importance of actively engaging in the working environment, highlight and establish workplace supports and to minimise any disruption to productivity. WHO Ageing workforce management services via a Work Life Continuance methodology are implemented by P2 Group Occupational Therapists and highly experienced P2 Group Relationship Managers. WHY The P2 Group Work Life Continuance Program provides employers with a tangible solution to the reality of an ageing workforce. Process efficiency and reliability are influenced by the performance of people and sustaining good performance can be achieved through a Work Life Continuance methodology and predictive maintenance. The cost of predictive maintenance of people is less than preventative maintenance and significantly less expensive than reactive maintenance, which is too often in the form of WorkCover claims. By implementing P2 Groups services and strategies, our clients save up to 50% on their WorkCover premiums in the first 1-2 years. Contact us to today to see how we can help you.  

Testimonial: Liberty Financial Services

May 19, 2015
Anne Bastian General Manager, Human Resources How long have you been working with P2 Group? Approximately 6 years – but 8 years with Paul Marsh. Why did you engage the services of P2 Group? Paul Marsh was our original ergonomic partner. When he moved over to P2 Group we followed his expertise as well as the knowledge that he had acquired of our business. P2 Group prides itself on its ability to listen to its clients regarding their business needs and business aims and its commitment to then work closely with clients to meet and achieve them. Tell us about the P2 Group approach from your perspective. The P2 Group from the very beginning has been a partner to Liberty Financial. They have initiated many conferences to help explain the WorkCover situation and how our premium is impacted. They have also actively listened to the issues we have dealt with and then taken a lead role in initiating relationships with our WorkCover insurer to help us resolve claims for better results. We could not have achieved the outcomes and the proactive injury management process that we currently use without their guidance and expertise. The whole team has been very involved in our business in the prevention and resolution of issues. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional in their approach and work with us to ensure the best business outcomes possible. Was the implementation of the P2 Group injury and prevention management processes straightforward? Having P2 Group so closely aligned to our business OH&S needs has been fantastic. They have assisted with the up skilling/education of our HR team as well as providing strong and sensible advice around these issues. In terms of implementing these preventative processes, we feel completely prepared and organised to handle any injury issue – thanks to the P2 group and the support and guidance (as well as documentation) they have given us. By working with P2 Group how has your understanding of the Workers’ Compensation system improved? Paul and Jim have been critical in the education process of myself and the HR team. Providing regular reporting to us showing the improvements obtained in our WorkCover premium. The P2 Group was also a leading role in the consolidation of our WorkCover insurer situation on a national basis. They have operated as our agent when liaising with our WorkCover agents in the resolution or management of WorkCover issues. They have taken the time to explain to us the system and how best to proactively handle situations so as to avoid any unnecessary costs. Their involvement has saved us many hundreds of dollars. What cultural changes have you noticed in your line managers and employees in relation to the subject of injury and prevention management at your organisation? We have always been diligent with our practices around injury and prevention management. However, we were a little lost with the return to work plans and overall care plans. We are now fully equipped and we have complete buy-in and support
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Business Victoria: Changing the status quo, and coming out the other end a winner

January 20, 2015
P2 Group was recently asked to submit an article to the Business Victoria Website. What’s missing in your industry? Three years consulting with The Victorian WorkCover Authority showed Jim Kydas that more needed to be done to help businesses employing to ‘reduce their second highest labour cost – WorkCover Premium’. In 2003 the P2 Group was established by Jim and co- owner Paul Marsh who along with a dedicated and passionate team ‘de-medicalise and de-legalise’ the topic of WorkCover. Their unique and innovative business approach has ‘improved workforce culture and removed the emotion’ from the subject at hand. Priding themselves on resolving long term cases with a 100% success rate – how do they ensure they always come out the other end a winner? The article covered the following topics: Top tips for running a successful business in a unique industry The business: making WorkCover easier The passion The clients: relationship management The challenges: work/life balance and sticking to your business plan Making a difference financially and emotionally Advice to other business owners who want to succeed in a unique industry Visit Business Victoria Website to read article