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Navigating the ACCS – A Strategic Guide to Conciliation

By Ben Thornton 7 months agoNo Comments

The Conciliation process via the ACCS can be a minefield for both workers and employers.

Do you properly understand this process and do you understand the outcomes?

  a) that best suit ‘YOUR’ business?; and

  b) that may potentially cause a significant financial burden for your business long term?

P2 Groups information session is designed to assist you in navigating through this process to get better outcomes. We will cover;

  • What is the purpose of Conciliation at the ACCS?
  • What are the possible outcomes?
  • Which outcome is best for your business?
  • How can you best prepare for the Conciliation process and what is your role as the employer
  • Financial Implications

This free session will be held at the P2 Group office in Hawthorn on September 19 at 8:30am. Places are limited so please register below

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 Ben Thornton

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Prior to joining the P2 Group in 2015, Ben spent 9 years in Business Development roles with local and international insurance brokerages. He spent a further 3 years consulting to SME businesses where he worked closely with his clients on business development strategy. He partnered with a number of organisations during this time and has been exposed to many different industries including Finance, Sportswear, Therapeutic Goods & Services, Retail Services and Hospitality. Ben is responsible for the development of new opportunities for the P2 Group and implementing a growth strategy that will service the business long term.

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