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Mental Health Workshop for Managers

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The Mental Health of staff is at the forefront of business challenges.  As well as taking a huge toll on the individual, its financial and cultural impact on organisations is significant and is becoming more prevalent.

Here are some alarming statistics….

Poor Mental Health costs Australian Businesses $10.9 billion each year” – Price Waterhouse Coopers

Staff experiencing non-diagnosed depression are likely to have 3-4 days of additional sick leave per month” – Beyond Blue

By 2020, depression is predicted to be the second most significant cause off suffering worldwide” – World Health Organisation

The good news? Your business can tackle these challenges head on…..

The P2 Group are assisting Victorian businesses combat Mental Health issues in the workplace.

We provide education and tailored workshops (at your workplace) to executives, line managers and workers on key areas of Mental Health challenges. These include

  • Defining Mental Health – Understanding its impact in the Workplace
  • Identifying Mental Health Issues in staff
  • Strategies for addressing staff Welfare
  • Early Intervention Strategies
  • Employers Legal Obligations
  • What is and isn’t the Responsibility of Managers?
  • Financial Impact on Workers Compensation Insurance

To take control of Mental Health in your workplace today, please contact Ben Thornton for a confidential discussion on 0439 819 688

To read more about P2 Workshops, please click here

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