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WorkCover requires strategic management and support from every level of your organisation.

We work with great business leaders, HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators who have taken control of their WorkCover. They do this a number of ways – sometimes it’s through commercial returns, sometimes through enhanced staff welfare and sometimes by cutting through WorkCover’s red tape.

We are unmatched in Australia for the following reasons:

Unique Methodology

Through our methodology, we can provide occupational health services DIRECTLY to YOU to meet YOUR outcomes, instead of traditional services through your insurer that increase your insurance costs and may not have your outcomes in mind.

Many occupational rehabilitation providers cannot achieve this because they work within the WorkCover scheme and must meet the outcomes of the WorkCover authorities and insurance agents. This limits how much effort they can devote to each worker and how flexible they can be in meeting the outcomes of all parties.

Early Intervention

We educate line managers to identify early warning signs and support their workers before there is an injury. Through our proven early intervention process you can provide the right supports to your workers early, which improves their health and most times negates the need for complex WorkCover claims. Set an 80% key performance indicator for your early intervention cases to not become WorkCover claims.

The WorkCover authorities and insurance agents typically refer to the first 13 weeks (post a WorkCover claim being lodged) as early intervention. This is too slow for employers. You can move faster through our proven early intervention process to improve your workers’ health, minimise the number of WorkCover claims and reduce your claims costs.

Fast Moving

We can support your needs with both WorkCover and non-WorkCover matters fast. Our Occupational Therapists can assess your workers’ capacity for work with only 48 hours notice and deliver the findings to you within 4 working days post the assessments. The process is fast, easy and inexpensive. There is no need to wait for approval from WorkCover authorities and insurance agents. Focus on the workers’ health and needs and move fast to offer support.

If WorkCover claims are lodged and you have moved fast, the WorkCover claims can be resolved within 1-2 weeks in most cases and registered as “minor” claims, which do not impact your WorkCover Premiums. Workers are offered “stay at work” plans which  keeps them engaged with their team mates and reduces lost time injuries.

Fee Structure

Unlike traditional occupational rehabilitation providers, our fees are not recovered through your WorkCover insurance policy, which results in greater savings to you.

Normal occupational rehabilitation services organised through your WorkCover insurer typically costs you 3-10 times the cost of the service. Such services typically increase your claims costs over 3 years and in turn increase your WorkCover premium costs. Alternatively, you can engage P2 Group occupational therapists to provide these services, maintain greater control and the costs do NOT increase your claims costs or premium.

Our fee for service payment model allows you to select the services and products that you require. Your investment in P2 Group typically results in a significant return on your invesmenet through reduced WorkCover premiums.

Comprehensive List of Services Offered

Since 2003, employers have benefited from engaging our full range of services.

Our WorkCover specialists provide detailed analysis of claims costs, explain how claims costs can be reduced, calculate forecasts of WorkCover premiums, attended worksites to provide independent advice and provide strategic management of both WorkCover and non-WorkCover cases.

We train executives, HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators in advanced early intervention and advanced WorkCover management strategies via our workshops.

Our occupational therapists attend worksites and meet directly with you and your workers. We conduct functional capacity evaluations (for physical conditions), initial needs assessment (for mental health conditions), worksite assessments and workstation assessments. Reports are completed fast and provided directly to you.

Our occupational therapists offer a triage service to your HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators to ensure the right steps are actioned to meet your outcomes and the workers’ outcomes.

Committed Support

P2 Group is committed to supporting employers with advanced strategies to manage their WorkCover and non-WorkCover cases, improving the health of their workers and helping employers to remain commercially competitive through reducing their WorkCover costs, which is a significant labour cost.

We remain independent to ensure we offer unbiased advice to employers.

We are increasing our group of Occupational Therapists as a commitment to providing legendary services to current and new clients.

We are continuously improving our processes to ensure we meet your outcomes today and into the future.

Empowering Business

P2 Group empowers employers to take control of the multifaceted WorkCover system.

Upon engagement we complete a comprehensive audit of WorkCover costs and injury management processes to demonstrate good corporate governance.

With your outcomes in mind, we then create tailored approaches to meet the needs and goals of your organisation.