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Joint CEOs Jim Kydas and Paul Marsh say P2 Group was born out of necessity.

Established in 2003, we believe that every employer should have the option to totally control the cost, productivity and health of their people, without being constrained by WorkCover.

“We educate and empower employers to take control of their organisations WorkCover”, says Paul Marsh and we “pride ourselves on offering industry best early intervention services and helping employers to successfully resolve long term cases” James Kydas points out.

Jim Kydas – As a young lad, I remember my father being hard working. He liked his blue collar job at the large local manufacturer and knew the owner by first name.

Sadly, in 1978, at the young age of 42, my father injured his back working at the same manufacturer. His life took a turn for the worse. At the time all his mates were working, socialising, being great husbands and super fathers. My father was soon not included in his mates activities and our household had both financial pressures and internal pressures. I remember my father laying on the lounge floor with the heat lamp against his back to relieve his pain. And my older brother helping him to the bathroom. Tough times for everyone at home. After some time, my father learnt to self manage his pain and although his back would never fully recover, he could move around without aid.

Unfortunately, his employer did not stay in touch and he was never invited to participate in return to work. Prior to the injury, the employer had offered my father a white collar team leading position because of his industry experience. Unfortunately, no such duties were offered post the injury.

In 1997, I found myself consulting to The Victorian WorkCover Authority. This provided me the opportunity to visit worksites with the WorkSafe field staff, who were very good at advising employers on occupational safety matters, but not so good at advising on occupational health matters or how employers could reduce their WorkCover insurance premiums.

In 2003, I founded P2 Group to educate employers on the benefits of providing all workers the opportunity to return to work and re-engage with life. Everyone has capacity and we owe it to all injured workers to give them an opportunity to return to work. I am certain that my father’s wellbeing and our family would have benefited if my father was given an opportunity to return to work, return to life (great slogan by WorkSafe Victoria).

The P2 Group team proudly educates employers, including executives, HR managers, line managers and return to work coordinators, and provides workers every opportunity to return to work and re-engage with their work mates and family.