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P2 Group places employers in control of their workers’ compensation and injury prevention management.

Our strategies and processes are proven across a range of industries, both large and small in private and government sectors.

P2 Group specialists work directly with employers to:

  • Decentralise the management of ill or injured workers.
  • Resolve active workers compensation claims.
  • Educate key stakeholders on the responsibilities they have in supporting and managing injured workers.
  • Implement early intervention strategies.
The P2 Group focus

To encourage a positive and sustainable return to the workplace, the P2 Group’s focus is on enabling individuals to modify aspects of:

  • their person
  • the occupation
  • the environment
  • or some combination of these to enhance their occupational participation.

We will work with both the worker and the workplace to make recommendations that enhance their independence and recovery by using specialised assessments to:

  • identify a worker’s functional capacity to return to work
  • identify the inherent requirements of various jobs
  • modify the work environment to suit the needs of workers so as to prevent or minimise the impact of health conditions or injuries
  • customise and coordinating graded return to work programs that match a worker’s functional capacity
  • educating workers and employers in safe work practices
  • supporting employers to achieve sustainable return to work plans, with an emphasis on encouraging self management by workers.
The results include
  • Reduced workers compensation costs
  • Significant improvement in the health and well being of the workforce.
  • Enhanced injury management process.
  • Up-skilled managers and return to work co-ordinators.
  • Improved work culture.